checkmate, chevron

there are trends.  there are classics.  and then there are things that you, in your distinct one-in-one-seven billionth mishmash of genes, will always covet.


louis vuitton spring 2013 / vogue / jan 2013


the brand of visual crack that jolts MY neurons is high contrast print.  when my eyes land on a loud, graphic pattern, i feel a skull flood of endorphins.  couldn’t begin to tell you why.  malls may fill with with colorblocked ladywear, but i’ll still pick up the nautical stripe stuffed in the dusty back corner of jcrew.

chevron has ruled wisely over the design kingdom for a few years now.  i have scattered this print, which i adore, in quick hits throughout my apartment.  but we can’t ignore the fact that stagnation crumbles empires.  look at these images i just grabbed from a single issue of elle decor… gorgeous, yet do you catch the telltale stink of overdose?


martyn lawrence bullard


martyn lawrence bullard


jonathan adler for kravet

it comes as no surprise that in the interiors universe, there are galadriel-like whispers of chevron fatigue.  i feel it in the earth.

so in anticipation of change, a humble request to the design wizard of oz behind that chevron curtain at the side of the room: could we spend a couple years on checkerboard?

this pattern is most typically associated with 50s-style bathrooms and kitchens.



the retro diner look is fun, but tiling your house is one helluva commitment to a look which may one day go the way of chevron.  this sounds like a job for a pillow or a rug.  maybe a vase.  a side table.

i did a cursory search for checkerboard home decor through the internets and found nothing nothing.  not even modcloth was helpful on this front. 

one exception: there is a 1960s vintage eames rocking chair with original checkerboard fabric upholstery selling on ebay for $1,800.  if i had the disposable income to make this happen… it would happen.  don’t tell me you bought it unless you’re ok with an uninvited blogger ogling it through your window.


click for link to ebay sale

are you paying attention, mass market retailers?  toss your chevron placemats on a clearance rack and overnight a few thousand bolts of checkerboard fabric to the nearest sweatshop.  time’s a-wasting.


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