new look. really, really old chair.

all right, y’all. new blog name. new look.


in other words, my place about places. also math.

let me explain.

these musings on interior design had been bubbling inside me for years before i started this blog. in december, i finally grabbed a domain name in a rush to get words on paper before this mental pressure cooker burned down the city.

well i love me some behr raging sea, but marrying your blog to a brand name other than your own is at best unintelligent. an adjustment was needed. (…and ideally done before producing any more content. forty-three posts take a long minute to reorganize.)

this name is a little more timeless, a little more likely to roll off the tongue, a little more relating directly to me. you may crack a smile if you’ve ever lived the college joyride of differential equations.

it’s also a little less free advertising for behr. the new about page says mo’.

final thought:

i just saw these green velvet pieces in the new lonny and nearly dropped my ipad.

gribbon and tepper / lonny magazine / june 2013

remember the comic-con chair from craigslist?


i clawed through that article like a madwoman to find a description.

“The 1870s velvet-and-horn furniture hails from Texas and came from the Upper East Side apartment Tepper grew up in…”


i dunno what to say.

welcome to the new blog.


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