a quick daybed thought before we both doze off

been getting serious miles out of this new daybed. like, a-free-flight-and-five-nights-in-bali kind of miles.

my place

so disappointed in myself for letting ignorance deprive me for all these years.

if i’m going to bare my soul, i will admit that i used to eye daybeds with suspicion. my parents had never owned one. a couch was a couch and a bed was a bed… how could a piece of furniture be equal parts both? isn’t that forbidden by law in most states?

in the late 80’s, i met my first daybed in the bedroom of a childhood playmate.

“where do you sleep?”

“on my bed.”

“oh. where’s your bed?”

“over there.”


much confusion in preschool.

a couple decades later and i’m lounging in the comfort of a bed avec laptop and coffee without feeling like a lazy piece of shit for staying in bed all day.

i accept it, i love it, but i have to admit that i don’t know how to dress it.

my pea brain could deduce that the mattress would need a cover in the thick, tough disguise of upholstry fabric. these are damn near impossible to find. i dare you to try.

pottery barn was not only the best option, it was the only option.

lewis daybed cover / pottery barn / $129

(west elm sent me a box spring cover. fail.)

next step… hoard cushions?

i already own two king pillows in storage for guests and assumed they would work as a backdrop with a simple quilted sham.

pick-stitch sham / pottery barn / $39

cushions tell the color story. a pop of yellow to speak to the eames shell. a pop of peacock to speak to the rug. a turkish kilim rug pillow to sing its own song and offer a few notes to cushions i already own. a cow hide square for texture. a plain white bolster for shape.

now…. how to arrange them? not a clue. after a few clumsy attempts on my part, my sister-in-law / overnight guest schooled me.

my place

wake me up next week.